First Aid Training

Last evening members conducted a reorientation of our medical supplies and the basics of packaging a patient. Then members working in two groups where they practiced splinting and protecting the c-spine. … [Read more...]


Bailout Training at BCFA

Last evening members conducted their annual bailout recertification. Members completed several jumps in various scenarios. Thanks to the Bergen County Law & Public Safety Institute for the use of their wall and (CPT Fire Ground Photos) … [Read more...]


Six Members Graduate Academy

Congratulations to all of our graduates from the Firefighter One program from the Bergen County Law & Public Safety Ins titute. Pictured from left to right, Captain Rubino, FF Hillman, FF Peterson, Chief Stricker, FF Cortez, FF Hirsch, FF Heath, FF Peluso, and Captain … [Read more...]


Capt. R. Policht Graduates ASU

Congratulations to Captain Robert Policht on graduating from Arizona State University with a Master's in Homeland Security and Emergency Management with honors. He was also awarded the Outstanding Graduate Award for the Cross-College Program for the College of Public Service and … [Read more...]


Flashover Training at BCFA

Last evening members traveled up to the Bergen County Law & Public Safety Academy to take part in flashover evolutions. This training allows members to see the importance of fire growth and the entire process of a flashover. Thanks to (CPT Fire Ground Photos) … [Read more...]


Members attend Propane Training

With the change of the seasons the potential of propane incidents rises with the use of BBQ grills, etc. Members spent the evening at the Bergen County Police and Fire Academy training on multiple evolutions of propane tank fires. Hose teams created a protected area for a … [Read more...]